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Business Electricity Prices

Standing Charge 


A Standing Charge Is A Rate You Pay Your Supplier For Having Access To Electricity And Does Not Change No Matter How Much Electricity You Use.


The Standing Charge May Cover The Cost Of Power Lines, Maintenance Of Your Meter And Meter Readings. The Average Standing Charge For Businesses In The UK Is 20p Per Day, Although This Can Vary Between 10p and 33p Per Day.


If You Pay A Low Standing Charge, You Will Be Paying More Per kWh Of Electricity, This Is Ideal If You Have A Low Consumption Of Electricity. If You Pay A High Standing Charge, You Will Be Paying Less Per kWh Of Electricity, This Is Ideal If You Have A High Consumption Of Electricity.


No Standing Charges or Zero Charges Means You Only Pay For How Much Electricity You Use, This Means You Pay More Per kWh. This Is May Be Good If Your Business Operates Seasonally And Is Closed For More Than Half The Year, So You Dont Have To Pay When You Are Not Operating.

Kilowatt Hour (kWh)


A Kilowatt Hour Is A Measurement Of Energy And Sometimes Referred To As The Unit Rate. Electricity Is Charged Per A kWh And Will Fluctuate Depending On How Much Energy You Use.


The Price Of A kWh Can Vary Depending On How Much The Supplier Wants To Charge, It Can Be Anything From 10p To 30p.

Prices Vary Due To Lots Of Different Factors Such As Location. Some Suppliers Will Charge Different Rates Depending On Where Your Business Is Located, This Is Due To The Location Of Their Power Plants, Demand And/Or The Availability Of Energy Infrastructure. Other Factors That Determine the kWh Charge Are Payment Method And The Tariff You Are On.

Business Electricity Suppliers

BES Utilities - They Are A UK-Based Privately Owned Group of Companies That Provide Commercial Electricity, Gas and Business Telecommunications.

British Gas - British Gas has Over 200 Years Experience and is UK's Largest Domestic Energy Supplier who also Supply Energy to Over 400,000 Businesses. 

Corona Energy - They Offer Great Quality Service and Are Dedicated to Helping Their Customers and Provide a Lot of Support to Help You Save On Your Energy.

Dual Energy - They Are An Independant Energy Supplier Who Strive To Ofeer Lower Prices Than The Bigger Companies and Focus On Smart Metering For Better Usage and Management.

EON - One Of the Big 6, EON Are Currently One Of the Largest UK's Energy Providers. They Offer Smart Metering For Better Management and Usage.

EDF - They Are The UK's Largest Electricity Supplier, Supplying 20% Of The Nations Electricity.

Engie - They Are A Domestic Energy Supplier in Over 70 Countries Around the World. Customers Can Control Their Heating and Hot Water Remotely Allowing More Control. 

Extra Energy - As One Of the UK's Cheapest Tariffs, They Offer To Always Do What's Right For The Customer, Also They Allow You To Lock In Your Contract So Your Prices Don't Change.

Gazprom Energy - They Supply Gas in 4 Countries and Supply Over 30,000 Industrial and Commercial Customers. Gazprom Also Have Award Winnign Customer Service and Provide Gas to Other Gas Suppliers in the UK.

Haven Power - They Provide You With an Account Manager and Get to Know you and Your Business So They Can Help Their Customers As Much As Possible.

Hudson Energy - As An Independant Supplier Of Renewable Energy, Hudson Energy Only Supply Energy From Their Renewable Fuel Mix.

Npower - They Are One Of The Leading Energy Companies In Britain, they Serve Over 5 Million Homes and Businesses With Gas and Electric.

Opus Energy - As Part Of The Big 6, They Plan To Double Their Current Size Within The Next 4 Years Still Providing Both Quality And Customer Care.

Orsted Energy - They Are The Worlds Largest Generator Of Offshore Energy And Beleive Strongly In Sustaining For The Future.

Scottish Power - One Of The Big 6 Based In Scotland, Supplying More Than 5 Million Domesic And Business Premises Across The UK.

SSE - They Give Attention To Putting You On The Right Contract, With A Depth Of Industry Knowledge, They Can Help Your Business.

Total Gas and Power - They Supply Over 175,000 Sites, Ranging From Small and Medium Businesses to Public Services and Non-Profit Organisations. Shortlisted For "Energy Supplier Of The Year 2017".

Yu Energy - A Quickly Growing Energy Supplier Who Offer A Personal Account Manager With A No Wait Phone Service. 

Business Electricity Quote

Here Is A Step by Step Guide To Show You What Infomation You Need to Obtain The Most Competitive Gas Quotes For Your Business.

1. Complete The Quick Form Online

2. You Will Receive a Brief Call From Wise Energy To Take A Few More Details

3. The Suppliers Will Contact Us With Their Quotes

4. Choose Your Preferred Supplier and Switch

Here Is A Breakdown Of The Infomation You Will Need For The Process. For The Online Form, You Need:


- What Type Of Quote You Want, In This Case Electric


- Current Supplier


- Current Contract End Date


- The Business's Postcode


- Best Email Address To Contact You On


- The Name Of Business


- The Best Telephone Number To Contact You On


- Best Day To Contact You


- Best Time to Contact You

Once You Complete The Form, It Will Be Sent To One Of Our Professional Wise Energy Representatives, Who Will Give You A Quick Call To Obtain A Few More Details From You To Ensure The Quotes Are As Accurate As Possible.


It Will Be Handy For You To Have An Electricity Bill Available As You Will Need To Provide Us With The Following:

- The Business's Address


- How Many Units (kWh) Of Gas You Use,


[If You Have Received Your Renewal Notice From Your Current Supplier It Will Tell You Your Annual Estimated Usage. Alternatively a Bill Should Have This Infomation. If You Cannot Find Your Usage, You Can Let Us Know Your Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Spend and We Can Work Out Your Unit Usage From This Infomation.]


- Your MPAN, Also Reffered To As Supply Number. The Numbers Highlighted in White is What We Need.

Alternatively, If You Didn't Want To Complete The Online Form, You Can Give us A Call On 0116 366 5910 and Speak to One Of Our Representatives Who Will Be Happy To Assist You.


Once We Have Acquired All The Neccessary Infomation, It Will Be Sent To Our Suppliers Who Will Contact Us With The Best Quotes They have To Offer. We Then Contact You So You Can Compare The Different Quotes And Decide On Your Preferred Supplier. We Will Take Care Of The Rest!

In Most Instances A Renewal Quote Can Cost Far More Than The Prices Businesses Currently Pay Which Shows That Nearly Every Business Can Save Money On Their Electricity Bills. It Is Essential For Businesses To Shop Around For A Better Deal As The Savings They Could Be Making Is Impressive And Not To Be Missed Out On. Also If Businesses Don't Shop Around For A Better Deal, Electricity Suppliers Could Continue Charging What They Want For Electricity As There Would Be No Competition To Help Keep The Prices Down.

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